Free Monthly Websites 2.0 Instructions

Free Monthly Websites 2.0 is really simple to setup, but please make sure you follow the steps on this page to ensure a trouble free setup.

1. Upload the contents of your 'Premier_Website' folder to your web host, in your required location. If you require web hosting for your new website, we have arranged a special discount with a TOP QUALITY web host provider called D9 Web Hosting.
Click here for more information.

2. Navigate to the admin area of the website you just uploaded.
For example:
Replacing 'YOURDOMAIN' with your own domain name.

3. Log in to your admin area, the default login details are as follows:

4. Be sure to read the welcome page and sign up for updates to keep up to date with improvements.

5. Click on 'Admin Settings' and enter your own username and password to secure your site, be sure to enter your name and email in 'Personal Settings' too for the password recovery, in case you lose your login details.

If you need help setting your site up, then checkout our help section in the members area here.

If you need any more help then you can contact support here:


The Free Monthly Websites 2.0 Team.