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  How to Build a Stream of Blog Traffic  

Building traffic to your website is very important. There are all kinds of way to build that traffic but let’s look at 8 of the top techniques for doing so.

1. Avoid the Use of Black Hat SEO Techniques
Black hat SEO techniques are methods that mislead and degrade search engine results relevance. They include the use of things like link farms, keyword stuffing, text hiding, article spinning, and spamming. These techniques will very quickly get your blog banned by Google and the other search engines, which translate to no traffic to your blog.

2. Choose a Domain Name with Relevant Keyword
If at all possible, try to choose a domain name that has at least one keyword in it. Try to keep it short and easy for visitors to remember, but if you can easily include two keywords then do so. If you sell iPads and your domain name contains the word iPad you are going to get an incredible amount of traffic sent your way.

3. Submit Your Blog to Directories
There are tons of great directories out there where you can submit your blog. This can be a highly effective way to increase your site’s trust level and send targeted traffic to your blog. There are blog directories like Yahoo Directory or DMOZ.

4. Write Fresh Product Reviews
Make sure that you write timely product reviews. These can send you tons of traffic to your blog, who are looking for product information prior to buying a specific product. If you are able to interest the product manufacturers or wholesalers, they will share the reviews you have written and that will generate more traffic to your site.

5. Make use of Good SEO Techniques
Take the time to learn and understand all about SEO and how it can benefit your blog traffic and rankings. Learn how to make use of alt tags on images, heading tags, keyword density, and internal link building to name just a few SEO tools that can really increase your traffic.

6. Fresh Original Content
Create fresh original content regularly. This brings people back to your blog because they enjoy reading what you have written. It also gets Google’s attention and that translates to more targeted traffic being driven your way.

7. Use Social Bookmarking
Social bookmarking sites are indexed often and so creating links in these sites will get your exposure quicker and get you higher in the search engine results.

8. Use Press Releases
Spread your news by taking advantage of press releases. There are both paid and unpaid services available. Remember if it’s not newsworthy you won’t get it published. However, a good news story can go viral very quickly so think about how you can make use of this valuable tool to drive traffic to your site.

There you have it – 8 top techniques to help you build targeted traffic for your blog.

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